A. Kubilius. Belarus, not Mr Lukashenko, is the EU partner in the Eastern Partnership initiative

2021-07-01 | Belarus

Illegitimate Mr Lukashenko has forged the elections and became an usurpator of power in Belarus.

The regime of Lukashenko is trying continuously and desperately to hold onto power by using repressions against the innocent Belarusians and by committing terroristic acts, fear-mongering, using mass propaganda and threats.

The decisions of Mr Lukashenko from the point of view of international law are null and void.

The recent statement of the Lukashenko regime on the so-called suspension of Belarus’ participation in the Eastern Partnership means the only thing: the dictator Lukashenko might be leaving the Eastern Partnership initiative, however neither he nor his illegitimate regime is in a position to remove Belarus from the EU Eastern Partnership policy and programmes.

Decisions of the illegitimate regime have no legal consequences. For the EU, its member states and institutions, Belarus remains the partner in the Eastern Partnership initiative. Similarly, any further decisions of Mr Lukashenko or his regime regarding Belarus will be null and void.

The decisions on the future of Belarus are in the hands of the people of Belarus. Only the people of Belarus by means of free and democratic elections can choose the path for their country.

We expect that the dictator Lukashenko will soon make one last right decision to leave Belarus. The international community and the EU in particular stands with the people of Belarus and is ready to assist them in a peaceful transition of power via democratic and free elections.

The European Parliament underlines that Belarus remains in the Eastern Partnership initiative and is ready to increase engagement with the democratic forces of Belarus. In the same spirit, the leaders of the democratic Belarus should be officially invited to represent Belarus in the forthcoming Eastern Partnership Summit, which will be held in Brussels in December 2021. The illegitimate declarations of the usurpator Lukashenko will have no impact on the status of Belarus in the Eastern Partnership initiative.

Andrius Kubilius, MEP

The Co-President of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly