A. Kubilius: EU’s decision to allocate more than EUR 1 trillion is strong response to coronavirus crisis

2020-03-30 | European Parliament
MEP Andrius KUBILIUS (EPP) claims that the EU’s reaction and the money allocated for mitigating the effects of the coronavirus pandemic demonstrates the EU’s strong response to the crisis. He does not agree with some opinions that the EU has been coping with the coronavirus crisis unsuccessfully.

“Even in the European Parliament (EP) itself we can hear talks that the EU’s fight against the crisis is unsuccessful, as well as claims that the Community is not helping member states with medical equipment or to tackle the economic crisis. However, in my opinion these statements are not correct and objective,” the politician writes.

According to him, it is not correct to complain that the EU is incapable of tackling the crisis, and this is the provision used by Kremlin.

MEP Rasa JUKNEVIČIENĖ (EPP) seconds KUBILIUS, saying that she noticed propaganda about purportedly collapsing EU in Russia’s public space a week ago.

KUBILIUS adds that 180 members of the EPP for the first time in history met at a teleconference during the political group’s session on Wednesday, which was aimed at getting ready for an EP plenary session. This provided them with an opportunity to work jointly without being in Brussels physically. JUKNEVIČIENĖ is happy the platform for such video sessions of the EP was developed by Lithuanian firm InteractioApp, reports Bns.lt.