Andrius Kubilius: European Parliament believes in Russia’s democratic future

2021-09-02 | Russia

The European Parliament published a report on the direction of EU-Russia political relations, which was approved by its Foreign Affairs Committee and submitted by the rapporteur on Russia Andrius Kubilius (EPP, Lithuania). The report will be voted and discussed in the European Parliament’s forthcoming plenary session on 14 September 2021.

After the vote in the Foreign Affairs Committee MEP Andrius Kubilius noted, that the European Parliament is convinced Russia can have a democratic future.

“Russia can be a democracy. The EU has to work out a comprehensive set of principles, a strategy, based on the fundamental values the EU is promoting. Defending ‘Democracy First’ in EU relations with Russia is our first task. The EU and its institutions have to work on the assumption that change is possible in Russia. It also needs more courage in taking a strong stance vis-a-vis the Kremlin regime when it comes to defending human rights; this is what strategic engagement with the Russian people is all about. It is about ending domestic repression, returning the choice to the people, and freeing all political prisoners”, said Andrius Kubilius.