Information about situation in Ukraine – 27 February, 17:00 CET

2022-02-27 | Russian Aggression against Ukraine



As of February 27, 13.00 CET

According to official sources of information, the situation in Ukraine as of 11.00 CET 27 February 2022 is as follows:

Russia continues conducting offensive operations on multiple operational directions. These actions are combined with massive employment of sabotage groups, which infiltrate into Ukrainian cities and towns. Some of the groups entered the cities long before the large-scale invasion. Such groups or individuals perform multiple tasks from destruction of critical infrastructure to marking terrain in support air and airborne operations and placing beams, which guide munitions.

Russia advances on the following directions:

Kyiv direction:

The enemy continues shelling the Capital and towns in Kyiv region with different weapons, including missiles, artillery and MLRSs. One of the “Kalibr” missiles, targeting Kyiv, was fired from Russian Tu-22 aircraft, which flew in Belarus airspace. The missile was intercepted by the air defence. One of the munitions also hit a POL depot in Vasylkiv. Another munition hit a gas pipeline in Kharkiv region;

Another enemy’s task force, consisting from the units of 36th Army, Eastern Military District, is moving towards Bucha, Kapitanivka and Bilogorodka.

Enemy’s engineering units are moving towards Ivankiv to restore destroyed bridge over Teteriv River in order to establish shorter ground line of communication between the offensive force near Kyiv and Belarus;

Units of Central Military District continue moving in the direction of Ichnia and Boryspil. The enemy begins committing reserves.

Russia also relocated a group of Su-34 aircrafts from Moscow region to Belarus (Baranovychi airfield).

According to an official of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kyiv 112th Brigade of Territorial Defence, which is being formed in the city, was manned to a level of 100%. Because of high number of additional volunteers it was decided to form another Territorial Defence brigade in Kyiv.

Siverskyi direction (Chernihiv, Sumy):

14x Battalion tactical groups from the 90th Tank Division and 41st Army regrouped and continued advancing towards Kyiv aiming to block the city from the north east direction;

After unsuccessful attempts to cease Chernihiv the enemy bypasses the city and advancing towards Ivanivka and Kozelets.

Enemy’s advance was stopped 200 km away from the border on the direction of Sumy-Pryluky;

Units of the Russian Northern Fleet, consisting of 2x Battalion Tactical Groups, continued advancing towards Kremenchuk. The enemy was stooped 120 km from the border.

Slobozhansky direction (Kharkiv):

The Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted significant casualties on the units of the 20th Army. One Battalion Tactical Group from the 4th Motor-rifle Division was destroyed. Due to heavy losses command and control of this Division was disorganized.  According to intelligence data, the enemy has an intent to withdraw the Division to Russia (Belgorod oblast) and thus, commit reserves.

Crimea direction:

The enemy regroups in order to continue offensive operations on the direction of Kherson – Mykolaiv.

2x Battalion Tactical Groups from the 20th Motor-rifle Division advancing on the direction of Melitopol-Vasylkivka and Berdiansk-Mariupol.

The enemy is fixed north of Nova Kahovka Power Plant.

Reported enemy casualties (as of end 26 February 2022):

Tanks – 146;

Armored vehicles – 706;

Fixed wing aircraft – 27;

Rotary wing aircraft – 26;

Artillery pieces – 49;

MLRSs – 4;

Wheeled vehicles – 30;

Fuel tanks – 60;

UASs – 2;

Boats – 2;

Military personnel – 4300 (TBC).


Office of the President

08:41 CET, Address of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the citizens of Belarus

These words of mine will be addressed to the citizens of Belarus. Today all of you are called to the polls to vote in the referendum. This could look like a normal political process. But now it certainly cannot be anything normal. Now the decisions are made on a completely different level. Last night in Ukraine was cruel. More shelling. More bombing of residential areas, civilian infrastructure. Today there is not a single object in the country that the invaders would not consider a valid target for themselves. They fight against everyone. They fight against everything that’s alive – against kindergartens, against residential buildings and even against ambulances. They use rocket artillery, missiles against entire urban areas in which there has never been any military infrastructure. Vasylkiv, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, and many other cities of Ukraine are surviving in conditions that were last seen on our land and your land during the World War II. But in the war that is going on now you are not on the same side with us. Regretfully. From your territory the troops of the Russian Federation launch rockets into Ukraine. Our children are being killed from your territory, our houses are being destroyed, they are trying to blow up everything that has been built over decades – and, by the way, not only by us, but also by our fathers, our grandfathers. And all this is also a de facto referendum for you, Belarussians. You decide who you are. You decide who to be. How will you look into the eyes of your children, how will you look into the eyes of each other, your neighbors. At us, Ukrainians, your neighbors. Be Belarus, not Russia! You are making this choice right now. Exactly today. Now there is a lot of news about possible negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, which can end this war and restore peace to all of us. And they often mention your capital. Minsk. As a capital for these negotiations. A place we didn’t choose. And, in fact, you didn’t, too. The leadership of Russia chose it. And now, there is an offer to meet there again. Four days ago, cruise missiles, planes, helicopters and equipment came to the Belarussian territory. They hit our homes, they hit our lives. The heavy equipment followed. And this is a dreadful déjà vu. You know, Kyiv was attacked at 4 am. Someone has such a sense of humor, just as in 1941. And we woke up. But you are still sleeping. And we haven’t gone to bed since that moment. Because we are fighting for our country, for our freedom, because we have every right to do so. If there were no aggressive actions from your territory, we could speak in Minsk. In your city. When you were neutral, we spoke in Minsk, we met many times. This is right and truthful. To talk like neighbors. Right now you haven’t made your big choice yet. And it is ahead, it should depend only on you. Not on Russia, Ukraine or the USA, but on the people of Belarus. This is why we say now – not Minsk. The venue for the meeting may be other cities. Of course, we want peace. We want to meet, we want to end the war! Warsaw, Bratislava, Budapest, Istanbul, Baku – we proposed to the Russian side all of this. Any other city suits us in a country from whose territory missiles are not launched. Only in this way can the negotiations be held. And they can really end the war. I sincerely wish Belarus to once again become that kind safe Belarus that everyone saw not so long ago. Make the right choice. I am convinced this is the main choice of your great people.


09:01 CET, Key messages of the briefing by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

  • What Russians are doing is called a terror and they are going to bomb our cities even more, they consciously shoot at and kill civilians, including children, destroy civilian infrastructure. This is an evil that has come to our land and must be destroyed.
  • What the invaders are doing to Kharkiv, Okhtyrka, Kyiv, Odea and other cities and towns deserves an international tribunal. We clearly record these crimes.
  • The Ukrainian forces are doing a brilliant job. Their allowance will be seriously increased, and the price to this would be high for Ukraine, but lives and freedom of Ukraine is priceless.
  • We get medicines, weapons, food, diesel, money from our partners.
  • A strong international anti-war coalition in support of Ukraine has been formed.
  • Negotiations with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, the President of Georgia, the Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom brought concrete results – increased capabilities of our state and the strength of our military.
  • Germany – supply of 1000 anti-tank grenade launchers and 500 Stingers with additional ammunition.
  • Belgium provides 5000 machine guns and 5 million rounds of ammunition, and another 4000 tons of fuel.
  • Thanks to active diplomacy, we’ve convinced all European countries to disconnect Russia from SWIFT.
  • We thank President of Poland Andrzej Duda for his personal leadership in granting Ukraine membership in the European Union and Poland’s daily assistance to Ukraine.
  • Russia’s criminal actions against Ukraine show signs of genocide and I have talked about that with the UN Secretary General. The world must deprive Russia from the right to vote in the UN Security Council.


09:56 CET, Key messages of the briefing by Mykhailo Arestovych

  • The military situation around Ukraine did not change significantly: the invaders are demoralized, they do not take active actions, there were only 2 small attempts of attack this morning.
  • About 8-12 vehicles were trying to go deeper into Kharkiv, they were surrounded and they were partially destroyed. Kharkiv is standing.
  • In Kyiv and territories close to it, the occupants made attempts to invade Bucha, Gostomel and Irpin, but got trapped under heavy artillery shelling from the side of the Ukrainian forces. The occupier is disorganized and only an insignificant parts of it is trying to make attempts to push closer to Irpin.
  • The locals have successfully joined the Armed Forces in the fight, and burnt down the enemy in Bucha.
  • In the South no new movements of the enemy to Energodar, Zaporizzya or Mariupol.
  • The arrival of the Russian delegation to Belarus means that they have lost the initiative and are not ready to new serious military actions.
  • The enormous losses they suffer and the unbelievable resistance of the Ukrainian people and armed forces, and the plans that were destroyed show them that offensive is senseless.
  • Russians were the first to ask for negotiations, which is also a sign to this.
  • Territorial Self-Defense Units of Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Ternopil regions have taken a decision to join the defense of Kyiv.
  • Apart from the massive Russian propaganda, Russian services are using the newest technologies. The citizens are encouraged to provide information on suspicious individuals and actions to the police.


09:31 CET, Sergii Nykyforov, press secretary in the Office of the President of Ukraine

We have also heard statements that the Russian delegation has arrived in Gomel (Belarus) for negotiations. I must say that there will be no representatives of Ukraine there. This format was indeed discussed. But at the last moment, Russian negotiators demanded that the Ukrainian army must first lay down their arms. They immediately received an offer to follow the “russian warship”. Therefore, despite everything, their current statements and decisions to demonstratively go to Gomel are only informational pressure and an attempt to shift responsibility for the failure to Ukraine.

It is not true. Ukraine is ready for negotiations, but it is not ready to listen to any preconditions. This also applies to the venue. We cannot go to Belarus, from where planes and missiles fly to our cities. Similarly, in matters of security for our delegation, we would have to rely on the guarantees of the host party. Given previous events, such guarantees are worth very little.

Ukraine’s position remains unchanged. We are ready to meet in any neutral place: Baku, Istanbul, Warsaw, Vienna… You name it. We continue to invite Russia to sit down at the negotiating table as soon as possible and save the lives of its troops. Every day of procrastination will cost Russia irreparable human and economic losses.


Russian warships pirate two Ukrainian civilian ships

Yesterday, announcing a “counter-terrorist operation” in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, ships of the Russian Navy captured two more civilian Ukrainian ships.

The Athena tanker, located in the territorial sea of Romania, 22 miles from the Zmiiniy Island, received an open channel of communication and safety of navigation, a command to approach the Russian warship for inspection. The shipowner of the tanker “Athena” immediately informed all the competent authorities in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, monitoring the movement of ships in the area, maritime border guards recorded a sharp and illogical change of course by another ship under the Ukrainian flag. The Princess Nicole dry cargo ship from Romanian waters was also headed for Zmiiniy Island. Almost as soon as both civilian ships approached the Russian warships, the AIS was turned off and they stopped communicating. And this morning, the automatic identification systems of ships showed their stay 18 miles from the occupied Crimea.

Thus, Russian warships once again defiantly violated international maritime law, under the guise of a self-proclaimed counterterrorism operation, pirated two Ukrainian-flagged ships with nearly 50 civilians.

We will remind, the day before the same group of ships of the Russian Navy seized the Sapphire aircraft, which went to Zmiiniy Island with a humanitarian mission.


Kyiv City Administration

The capital is completely controlled by the Ukrainian army and defense. The first deputy chairman of the City Administration Nikolay Povoroznyk reported.

He reminded that a curfew is in force in Kyiv until 08:00 on Monday (February 28). Therefore, public transport does not transport the population. Instead, the rolling stock of public transport is involved in the tasks of the Kyiv Central Headquarters. Municipal and private carriers of the city provide transport for defenders.

Metro stations operate only in shelter mode – trains are not running. The seals on the red branch of the metro are closed and open to accommodate the population.

In Ukraine, in the capital in particular, the quantity of detected marks of saboteurs, which are placed directly on the streets and buildings of both residential buildings and businesses, has increased. Labels are placed to adjust the fire from the occupying forces of the Russian Federation.

As of February 27, 8.00 CET

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Operational information at 06:00 on February 27, 2022 of the Russian invasion.

The Russian occupier has reduced the pace of the offensive, but still tries to develop success in some areas in the offensive against Ukraine.

The third day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine is going on.

Columns of armored vehicles of the Russian aggressors slowed down the further pace into Ukraine. Enemy troops, deprived of timely replenishment of fuel and ammunition, stop on the roads and in the cities.

The personnel of the occupying forces, the vast majority of whom are young conscripts, are exhausted by previous military exercises and have a low moral and psychological condition, according to available information, there are facts of desertion, refusal of servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces to take part in hostilities against Ukraine and yielding themselves prisoners.

The main tactics of the occupiers remain the movement and capture of small towns, villages and highways. Due to strong resistance from the civilian population, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and the National Police, enemy’s attempts to take control of large cities were unsuccessful.

The main goal of the enemy is to block the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv. It remains unfulfilled. The enemy moves to the active use of sabotage and reconnaissance groups that destroy civilian infrastructure and the population of large cities. Ignoring the norms of International Humanitarian Law, the enemy damaged the oil base in Vasylkiv. The occupier continued to insidiously damage multi-storey residential buildings.

In order to intimidate the local population, military units and subdivisions are used, staffed mainly by people of Caucasian appearance, with poor knowledge of the Russian language, sending targeted mailing.

During the day, the Russian occupiers used ballistic and cruise missiles and aircraft from the territory of the TOT of Crimea and the Republic of Belarus in Kyiv and other cities.

In the Mozyr district of Belarus the invader has formed a strike group of Russian combat helicopters for damaging critical infrastructure of cities and our troops. The use of Ukrainian railway infrastructure by destroying the railway lines with the aggressor country is not allowed.

The Joint Forces are conducting a defensive operation, holding positions along the line of demarcation. Enemy is not successful in any of the areas.

The losses of the occupying forces at the end of the third day of armed aggression:

personnel over 3,000 people and more than 200 prisoners of war;

aircrafts – 16;

helicopters 18;

tanks – 102;

armored vehicles of different types – over 540 ;

anti-aircraft missile system BUK – 1;

automotive equipment over 20 units.


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed Decree № 74/2022 on conferring the title of Hero of Ukraine on sapper, sailor Vitaliy SKAKUN (posthumously) for outstanding personal courage and heroism shown in defending the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath.

“I decided to posthumously award the title of Hero of Ukraine to Vitaliy Volodymyrovych Skakun, a sapper of the 35th Separate Marine Brigade. At the cost of his own life, he blew up the bridge,” – the head of state said.

Vitaly Skakun died on February 24, 2022 during the detonation of the Henichesky Bridge, which was carried out to stop the advance of a tank column of Russian troops.



Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov

72 hours of resistance.

Three days that changed our country and the world forever.

Where are all those who promised to capture Kyiv in 72 hours? Where they are? I don’t see them. I can only hear them justifying themselves.

Instead, I see a heroic army, a victorious guard, fearless border guards, dedicated rescuers, reliable police officers, tireless medical angels. Everyone who does their job.

I see thousands and thousands of citizens who have taken up arms, joined the ranks of territorial defense and are fighting.

For the future of their children and grandchildren. For those they love. In memory of their ancestors.

For their State.

Everyone sees you, the whole world!

There are still many challenges ahead. But we are not the only ones who believe in our victory now.

Look around. Many finally overcame their fear and dared to challenge the Kremlin.

Every hour more and more people realize that there is no such army anywhere in Europe. Nowhere. And that without this army and our people, Europe will never be safe.

That’s why help is already coming, which was impossible three days ago.

The darkness will recede. Dawn is near. Let’s keep the system.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes of Ukraine!


Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

20:47 CET 26.02

The situation regarding the Russian invasion.

In Kharkiv, guardsmen of the National Guard of Ukraine captured an enemy reconnaissance group trying to infiltrate the territory of one of the military units. The occupiers had small arms, sniper rifles, drones for aerial photography hand and smoke grenades, ammunition, tactical equipment, money and documents.

Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Zakarpattia oblast together with the Red Cross of Ukraine deploy heating stations for internally displaced persons near the borders. Mobile heating stations are deployed at major checkpoints.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have seized several Russian tanks near Chernihiv and captured two Russian occupiers, one of them the chief of staff of military unit 41659.



08:30 CET

Ukrzaliznytsia removed 23 fuel tank cars from the oil depot in Vasylkiv (Kyiv region), which was hit by enemy Russian missiles. The railway men promptly responded to the situation and saved critical fuel for the defense of our country.


State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine

Elon Musk will provide Ukraine with Starlink stations and satellite Internet access.

Starlink is a project of SpaceX company, which provides satellite access to broadband Internet.  It was launched in 2020 in the US and Canada, and right now – the stations are going to Ukraine.

With Starlink Internet speed is up to 1 Gbps for each subscriber anywhere in the world. Starlink can be used for civilian and military purposes.


Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, appealed to the CEOs of Rakuten (Viber) and Paypal to block these services in Russia. This will reduce the aggressor’s channel of propaganda and limit access to money transfers. The more companies block their services in the aggressor’s country, the less chance they will have to continue the war in Ukraine. We are overcoming the enemy together.


Ministry of Health of Ukraine

20:47 CET 27.02

No hospital in Ukraine has been closed; everyone is working and providing medical care, despite the shots and explosions. The team of National Children’s Specialized Hospital “Okhmatdyt” continues to operate in Kyiv. Today they made bone marrow transplants surgery.

The government has promptly adopted changes that will ensure uninterrupted funding of health care facilities during martial law.

The medical system continues to work, and MoH is doing everything possible to ensure that hospitals have everything they need.

The Ministry of Health directs a large amount of charitable humanitarian aid from our volunteers, international partners and volunteer organizations to the hospitals.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine together with the Red Cross of Ukraine is opening a special account to help health care institutions.

Everyone can transfer all possible financial assistance to support hospitals in rescuing people.



Account of the Ukrainian Red Cross


Legal entity: URCS

Enterprise code: 00016797

Currency of account: USD

Account number IBAN: UA983510050000026004271658800


Beneficiary bank (JSC «UKRBSIBBANK»): 020061151200138 UKRBSIBBANK




Intermediary bank: BNP PARIBAS U.S.A. -New York Branch

New York, USA




Legal entity: URCS

Enterprise code: 00016797

Currency of account: EUR

Account number IBAN: UA983510050000026004271658800


Beneficiary bank (JSC “UKRBSIBBANK”): 07205696





Intermediary bank: BNP PARIBAS SA

Paris, FRANC




Legal entity: URCS

Enterprise code: 00016797

Currency of account: CHF

Account number IBAN: UA983510050000026004271658800


Beneficiary bank (JSC “UKRBSIBBANK”): 256446/1A





Intermediary bank: BNP PARIBAS (SUISSE) SA






Legal entity: URCS

Enterprise code: 00016797

Currency of account: GBP

Account number IBAN: UA903510050000026008879082023


Beneficiary bank (JSC “UKRBSIBBANK”): 10947113





Intermediary bank: CITIBANK NA