Joint Letter to the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan

2020-09-28 |

We, the co-chairs of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, have received worrisome reports on the wide-scale attacks in Nagorno-Karabakh area on the morning of 27 September 2020. These attacks regretfully resulted in first numerous losses of innocent lives of the ordinary people.

This situation cannot continue and we in the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly are convinced we should do everything in our power to contribute in stopping any further escalation of violence.

It is our utmost belief that any disagreement between the parties must be resolved by means of dialogue and not by using any kind of a military force.

In this context, let us propose the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly and its structures as a platform for members of parliaments from conflicting parties to meet in the coming days and discuss the next steps to stop the violence and unnecessary losses of human lives.

Our offices are at your disposal in this difficult moment.

We are looking forward hearing from you.

Sincerely Yours,