MEP R. Juknevičienė participated in the 42nd session of ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly in Maputo

2022-11-01 | European Parliament
MEP Rasa Juknevičienė took part in the ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly plenary debate. She spoke on the issue of consequences of Russia’s war against Ukraine and food supply:
“This debate must be about the causes of the problem and its solutions. Putin’s Russia has attacked a sovereign European country and is trying to colonise it.
Putin does not only use missiles. He also uses lies. He lies when he talks about colonialism.
HE is the coloniser. Russia is weaponizing food and starvation and we have to stay united to help each other.
Many are saying, that military solution is not the solution. But as a medical doctor, I can tell you – when regular treatment fails, only surgery can help.
We are at that point. For 20 years, European leaders have tried to deal with Putin through dialogue and cooperation.
In turn, the dictator has only strengthened the imperialistic ambitions.
The problem of food supply will be solved, when Ukraine will win this war.
And Ukraine will win.
Today, I call on you to take the side of a Ukraine, the right side of the history.
Putin’s Russia is losing, is not capable of winning the war anymore. That’s why they are killing civilians and creating chaos in the world.
Russia acts as a terrorist state. And terrorists must be stopped.
Putin’s regime defeat is a victory for the Russian people as well to become a normal and non-aggressive state.
Slava Ukraini!”