Liudas Mažylis kreipėsi į ES šalių ambasadas, konsulatus ir diplomatines atstovybes Lietuvoje dėl sankcijų Rusijai

2022-02-25 | Rusijos karas prieš Ukrainą, ES sankcijos

Vasario 25 d. EP narys Liudas Mažylis kreipėsi į ES šalių ambasadas, konsulatus ir diplomatines atstovybes Lietuvoje dėl sankcijų Rusijai. Laišku EP narys reikalavo ES nares reaguoti griežtomis sankcijomis Rusijai dėl pradėto karo prieš Ukrainą.

Laiško tekstas:

Your Excellence,

As a member of the European Parliament, and a member of Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, I am deeply disappointed in an inability of EU Member States to impose strongest possible sanctions towards Russia.

Today, with a great concern, we are all observing how the tragic events unfolds in Ukraine. To witnessing a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine brings the worst fears for the safety of millions of the people and the peaceful future of the whole European continent. This unimaginable violence threatens fundamental norms of international law, including violation of UN convention article 2(4) which refers to use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State.

Therefore, in in a light of these events, I ask to encourage leadership of your country to implement towards Russia as severe sanctions as possible. They should target its individuals, state and private enterprises responsible for these atrocities of war in the proximity neighbourhood of the European Union. Generally, an absolute economic, diplomatic and political embargo is to be enacted upon the criminal regime of Russia, if these barbaric military actions continue. We cannot ignore destruction and death that is brought upon our closest neighbourhood of European Union.

As a member of European Parliament and a citizen of allied country, I feel it is my duty to encourage Member States to act in support of increase in humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine. Upcoming  next days and even hours will be crucial for the defence of Ukraine and its sovereignty and democracy. Rule of law and democratic values must prevail before lawlessness, therefore our support without any doubt must reassure Ukraine that we are in this together.

Let us be determined.

Yours Sincerely,

Liudas Mažylis, MEP

„Laisvė šviečia“ – solidarumo su Ukraina akcija Vilniuje / E. Blaževič/LRT nuotr.