Electoral programme of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats for the 2024 European Parliament elections

2024-03-05 | Homelnd Union, European Parliament

Electoral programme of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (pdf):

Europe for Us, We For Europe: To Grow And To Defend!!!

On 3 March 2024, the Council of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (Tėvynės sąjunga-Lietuvos krikščionys demokratai, TS-LKD) approved the provisions of its electoral programme for the 2024 elections to the European Parliament (EP): “Europe – for us, we – for Europe: to grow and to defend!”. The list of TS-LKD candidates for the EP elections was also approved, led by the current MEP Andrius Kubilius.

This year Lithuania will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its membership of the EU and NATO. The programme adopted by the TS-LKD states that membership of the EU and its rich single market has allowed Lithuania to build its own success story. The Conservatives’ strategic declaration “We Believe in Europe” was adopted at the HU 25th Anniversary Congress in 2018, outlining the core provisions of the TS-LKD European policy, and stating that EU and NATO membership contributes to the realisation of Lithuania’s most important interests – to strengthen its geopolitical security and to foster the growth of the economic and social well-being of the people.

The programme also provides that EU membership over the last 20 years has enabled Lithuania to grow safely and rapidly. The provisions state that we and Europe will continue to grow, but that new challenges will have to be met, both for Lithuania and for the EU.

One of the provisions of the TS-LKD electoral programme is based on the fact that the next decade will be the decade of overcoming Europe’s geopolitical crisis, in other words, it will be the “Ukrainian decade”. Only Ukraine’s success, its victory over Russia, its reconstruction and modernisation, and its membership of the EU and NATO, will bring about change in the Eastern European region.

The TS-LKD is convinced that Ukraine’s victory, its reconstruction and its Euro-Atlantic integration are what the EU and other Western countries can and must do. The most important task for TS-LKD representatives in the European Parliament over the next decade will be to do everything possible to ensure that the EU effectively realises its responsibility for Ukraine’s success. For the TS-LKD, the most important concern is that the EU must grow, expand and become stronger, as this is a prerequisite for Lithuania’s own continued secure growth.

The work and ideas of TS-LKD representatives for the transformation of the Eastern region and the restoration of sustainable peace on the European continent are known and appreciated in the international community. In the European Parliament, our party’s representatives work in the largest political group of the European People’s Party (EPP). This allows us to have a greater influence on the decisions of the EP and on the dissemination of ideas that are important for Lithuania. The current President of the European Commission and many influential members of the European Commission are also members of this political group, which opens the door for informal coordination of important decisions for Lithuania, the region and the EU as a whole.

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